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Electria Electric String Trio (cropped).

Electric String Trio


Electric Violin, Electric Viola & Electric Cello

If you want something modern, unique, and upbeat, our electric string trio is just that! Our electric trio introduces a modern twist to traditionally classical instruments.


With custom backing tracks for accompaniment - which include drums, effects, and additional instruments - our music parallels the radio version of the song, just with strings instead of lyrics, giving us an unmatched sound you won't find with any acoustic ensemble. 


Our electric trio is ideal for contemporary music (classical is best suited for our acoustic ensembles). Songs suitable for the electric string trio are indicated in our music list.

Our dynamic electric instruments and sound system allow us the dexterity to control our volume for larger venues and events or keep it low for smaller, more intimate settings. This ensemble is ideal for both indoor or outdoor events.

Your event will be one-of-a-kind with Electria, especially since we are Kentucky's only professional electric string ensemble (and amongst only a handful in the country!).

With our expansive and ever-growing music list, we will set the stage for your event, from peppy cocktail parties, elegant dinners, and weddings, to highly anticipated corporate events, fundraisers, and galas.

Electria Acoustic and Electric Strings.j



Acoustic Trio

A Thousand Years
Falling Slowly
Marry You
Fields of Gold
Best Day of My Life

electric Trio

Falling Slowly - Electric
A Thousand Years
Marry You
Fields of Gold
Best Day of My Life
"I received compliments all night about how awesome and fun they were"

"We LOVED Electria!!! They played traditional music, acoustic style at our ceremony and it really set the tone. During cocktail hour they played new songs in their electric style. I received compliments all night about how awesome and fun they were. They were an easy vendor to work with too - professional and no drama. It's all about the details and this was a fun one! We highly recommend Electria for your event!"

- Shelby Higgins (Bride)

Electria - 2016 - Acoustic - 01.jpg





Acoustic Violin, Viola, & Cello

Acoustic strings are a classic a versatile choice, adding elegance and class to any event! 

Our acoustic string trio is great for both small and medium sized events. Three instruments are able to cover the most important aspects in any piece of music: the melody, bass line, and harmonies, as well as rhythmic patterns that are frequently found in contemporary popular music! That is why we no longer provide the acoustic string duo, as we feel these are important elements that we don't want you to miss in your live musical experience! 

With a vast repertoire of music available for acoustic strings, you can get the best of both popular and classical music. You also gain more more flexibility with ensemble size, from the Acoustic String Duo, Trio, and String Quartet, ensuring there is an ensemble that is suitable for the size of your event and budget. 


Acoustic refers to the traditional classical stringed instrument (see the picture above). The hollow body of the instrument helps to amplify the sound of the strings naturally, and requires no additional equipment to produce its sound. You may choose to add amplification for the acoustic strings, but it is not required. Each instrument that is added allows for more harmonies and rhythms, making for a robust sound. However, our trio has proven to be the most popular ensemble to hire!

"They were so easy to work with, they are AMAZING, and created the atmosphere for our guests that we both envisioned"

With planning my Wedding, my Mom and I struggled to agree on what we wanted for the Ceremony music. Luckily my Wedding Coordinator, Amber had the amazing idea of suggesting Electria - and we could not have been happier!!! They were so easy to work with, they are AMAZING, and created the atmosphere for our guests that we both envisioned. I loved the music lists to chose from and with all of the options I was able to make it romantic for the ceremony and then hoppy, upbeat, and fun for the Recessional. I would recommend Electria 100 times over !!!

- Frannie Larson

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